How long do the units last?

We assure you with proper care of your hair & wig units they will last 2 years+. When wearing & sporting your Hair Products be mindful you treat it as you would natural hair. Shampoo + Deep Conditioning in between Styles, Moisturizing etc. 

Will Bleaching or Lightening the hair change its texture/ pattern ? 

We highly recommend  you seek a professional stylist when you are using chemicals & under going a lightening process. All hair & process timing may be different for different textures. When done properly your hair will have a new attitude & be Played for the GAWDS! 


How soon are units shipped out?

Units are shipped out anywhere between 3-7 business days. All order are processed & sent out in the order they are received. You will receive an email with your tracking information after your order has been shipped.


Can I pick my order up in person?

Yes, only if you live in the DMV! We have a pickup location, available in Maryland. Please text or call (301) 679.0172 with your order details so that we can better assist you!


How are the wigs secured on? Do I need glue to wear them?

Our pre-mad units are made on a Small to Medium cap size, which is fitted for the “average” sized head. However, our pre-made units are made to fit each of our customers to their size. Most of them are made using our Mink Frontals & Perfect Match Lace Closures. This helps us accommodate anyone per special request.

No glue is necessary for any of our units custom units, whatever it is that you prefer work best. 


Can I sew the wig down?

Yes!, All of our wigs can be easily sewn down.


Can the units be worn in the water?

Yes! We highly recommend washing and deep conditioning the unit after exposure to chlorine or salty beach waters.


There’s a problem with my delivery, what should I do?

Please contact your local USPS with your tracking number to get help. Ask to speak with the supervisor for more information on the location of your package. If you still experience issues, please call USPS customer service at 1 (800) 275-8777. We here at Built on Edge Studio is not responsible for any misplaced packages and cannot see any more information about your package than you can.