BUILT ON EDGE STUDIO, LLC was established in 2017 by Cheenean "Elle" Douglas, as a financial solution to learning life as a entrepreneur, & Licensed Cosmetologist, She then established a company made for women of all types!
No matter your shade or background, you will find all that you need here at Built On Edge Studio!  We are bringing you Business Classes, A TOP ELITE Shopping experience, Amazing Boutique pieces & More.  Every person deserves to feel good about themselves, no matter their budget or Skin Color! 
​When Shopping our Luxury Hair Collection remember, 
 * Each bundle of hair comes from a different donor so some colors might be lighter or darker than one another. Each bundle of hair is steam cleaned before shipped out so some bundles may appear damp once installed it blends perfectly! You can go to your local hair salon and have it colored to the color of your choice. Very easy to lift and it only takes minutes.
Thank You All for Rocking with me along this amazing Journey, 
I'm so excited to meet all of you IN-STORE ♥